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[Movie] Shes Out Of My League (2010) BDRip.XviD

ShareShe's out of My League is not funny. There is the scattered chuckle and a few moments worthy of a laugh but for the most part the narrative just hums along; never becoming outwardly awful nor achieving anything memorable. The films saving grace is the chemistry between Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve which at times is so strong it almost makes the movie worth seeing in spite of itself. If SooML had concentrated on the romantic efforts, I feel like something excellent could have sprung forth, but with its scattershot approach we have only the leads on which to lean.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about League is that Eve's Molly is actually a nice person. She is not manipulative, hot-but bitchy or using our nerdy hero for her own purposes. Usually in a movie like this we have the girl-best friend who unbeknownst to our swooning protagonist holds a flame, and after the hottie eventually betrays him, he finds love has been beside him all along, etc, etc. We don't have this here; there are now competing forces for Kirk's affections and the film and the audience win because of it.

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